7 months of joy

In just 28 weeks, my world completely shifter. From stressed out, and lonely, to relaxed, and loved, my life has exponentially improved. St is the greatest blessings of all. He’s absolutely wonderful. We were so busy talking about our future tiny hous this morning that we completely forgot to wish eachother happy anniversary in person. This shows how invested we are in our future together.

The plan is for us to train in different trades overtime to be able to achieve the self-sufficiency we dream of. The first step to nurture our artistic souls, and acquire skills: woodwork. Than, ee established that I should take a course in basic plumbing, and him in basic electrical work.

Now, you must be thinking that I’m totally out of my mind thinking that I’ll be able to do that while studying in university. Well, I don’t plan on taking a full schedule each semester. I’m in no rush none what so ever because I want to master all I learn, and give it time to sink in. Second, the trades we’re looking at are given through weekend courses, and workshops. I want a healthy, sustainable, and balanced pace with my higher educational goal.

What I’ve seen so far from the people in my classes is straight runs to burnouts, and unhappiness. I’ve already gone down that path, I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, particularly myself, to feel worthy at this point. This is my dream life, the one of continual learning. I will figure out money, and more, but I’m fully confident that all will go well.

Today was another intense study day, with super speed tutoring. My brain is a little scrambly as so much information is pilling up. My brain isn’t used to such high pace learning. One more reason why taking it slow is the key.

Gratitude Journal:

I’m grateful for honest conversations.



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Judith's Squirrels

Daily diary of a student entering university at forty. Just writing for me. Kaizenka, ex-nomade, foodie, and health nerd.