Well, I’m studying day in and day out, that’s pretty much it. Nothing extraordinary is unfolding at the moment. No major realisations, no exciting activities, nor unexpected events. Just the drill of a university science semester. The one thing I need to improve is my bed time as I’d rather wake up early and be on track with my health objectives and time management. I’ll have to leave the campus before 10 pm tomorrow to start the reprogramming of my study pattern. That one late night pushing through my reading and exercises on Saturday did imbalance me. I’ll have to make sure to keep an eye on that tendency to mot let go when I really want to complete something. With a rested mind, I will go through my homework much faster. Self-discipline is a daily struggle.

From the moment I got up, I was back in my books pushing through the though exercises and hard concepts. Very little by very little, it’s starting to make sense. I’m not raising my hopes too much as many hours of hard work are still ahead but at least a descent pourcentage is completed.

My eyelids are heavy so this will be an other short post. The week starts again tomorrow, I’m mot as advanced in my homework as I’d wish but I’m not far behind.

Today, I took too much time to get to the bulk of my studies and I push a bit later to finish a satisfying amount of work. Luckily, I did take a nap in the afternoon so my sleep won’t he too affected. Also, the weekend noises would have kade it hard to sleep. I prefer going to hed close to 10 pm, but today, staying up was a better option.

Tomorrow, I will still need to be productive in the morning but jot having any classes allows for a little sleeping in. Night night!

Finally I can breath! My new online math course is brilliantly put together. It explains every basic steps, gives all the reminders for previous math concepts, points to amazing online videos for extra support, and it breaks downs step-by-step how to proceed. I no longer have to try to figure out where, to start, how to achieve the basis, or where to find the time. They thought of every detail, all I have to do is follow the process. It’s so well made that I’m actually excited to go back to it!

A night and day shift. Now, I can…

Well, yesterday’s discouragement from not being able to resolve one physics problem was alleviated by the news that I’m not the only one, and the teacher has not yet presented all the concepts in class. Still, “no hablo Chinese” I like to say when scrambled symbols overwhelm me. I have many things to learn and master, at least, I’m on the right track.

I do have to bare in mind that I’m many classes and dozens of hours away from having the proper math skills to navigate this program comfortably. I after breakdown in tears on the phone last night…

If I thought it was a brutal start last week, I was very naive. Now, I’m facing a 90° cliff when it comes to my learning curve and I think a part is even 110°. I will need to pull some magical climbing moves because the hours of personal studies seem to grow exponentially.

Right now, I can’t think of nothing us but keep up. My feelings are fear and anxiety and nothing else matters. My post will be dry till I feel safe once more, if it happens over the course of this crazy catch-up race of knowledge. Learning…

I was thinking of what I was about to write last night very vividly, but fatigue grabbed me and led me to enter the world dreams think I was blogging. My current objective: be 0.5 ahead in my chemistry classes. To he continued.

First thing in the morning, I was back on campus waiting to meet the directress of my program. I was the first one there and had the privilege to have an enriching chat with her.

She offered a fabulous solution to my study overload situation. Since all the math courses are available online, we switched to those so I could take them at a slower pace all the way to the Summer. This way I would complete my certificate in one year and be able to enter my microbiology program in the Fall. Joy!

One tone of worry got lifted…

Today, I dedicated most of my time to studying chemistry till my brain couldn’t handle it anymore. I really want to master this essential subject since it plays an important role in microbiology. Also, I want to be good so that my chemistry teammate appreciate being with me. I like this shy and intelligent introvert that is becoming a better friend each week. Not letting her down is powerful motivation.

I made sure to master equations with scientific notation exponents as I tend to make small arithmetic mistake when playing with them even if I know exponents laws. I even…

I made the right choice to let go of the one class that was jeopardizing the rest of my courses. Making a quick estimate, it’s a total of 15 hours a week I free my schedule from. It was 5 hours of class that required so much catching up and work that I would have needed to squeeze in 10 more hours of tutoring and self-studies. I finally can breathe and focus on all the other important courses I’m following.

After my algebra class in the morning, I indulged in some biology reading and my soul was in heaven. I’m…

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