Yes, since the pandemic I’ve pretty much lived under a rock — literally. I knew about Kpop for a few decades since I dated a Korean guy, and I did know the name BTS, but I wasn’t aware of the immensity of their accomplishments. Holy… These guys keep breaking world records with their unprecedented success. It makes me love Korean culture even more. I won’t be turning into an ARMY, the name for the fans, but I’ll pay more attention to them in the future.

Why am I talking about the most famous boyband in history? Because my chemistry teammate is flying to L.A., as we speak, to go see them live! This ultra shy, first time flier, never been out of Canada early twenties girl is on her way for what will most likely be the biggest music event of her life. I’m unbelievably excited for her, and she knows I’m one text away to answer any of her traveling questions. I’m so glad I’ve been able to help her on a few things already. She’s going with her brother for safety, and will meet a friend over there as well. Gosh, I’m vicariously living the excitement through her. It’s really an unbelievable experience.

Can you imagine that your first flight ever, and your first trip out of your home country is to go see larger than life legends? She’s all I can think about because what she’s doing takes incredible courage, and dedication. She’s on her way to fulfill her ARMY dream, and I’m her biggest fan. She rocks!

Gratitude Journal:

I’m grateful to have a badass lab teammate.

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