A good start to the week

Not only did I enjoy a fantastic lunch with fellow students, thanks to my study buddy spontaneous urge to cook a feast for us last nigh. I got to chat with new people, and share real conversations over a delicious meal. I did a bit a studying in the morning, but the work I did after lunch was so nuch more efficient. Having a fed soul, and tummy made all the difference. I’ll have to thank my buddy again for making a positive difference in my life.

University is starting to be fun now that I get to interact more. Entering this part of my academic journey during the pandemic made it extra hard to socialize. As restrictions are getting lifted bit by bit, a glimer of hope for a healthier social life has started to shine. It’s definitely more interesting to chat with educated people.

The end of the semester is approaching, but I know I’ll be okay. I’m on track with my studies. I will not be overly confident like last semester, and I’ve already started reviewing small portions one week at a time. My tutor is paying attention to my progress, and so am I. I have my chemistry challenge exercises game going on too, where I review one past chapter at my pace. The best improvement to my method is to alternate my tasks more often. Instead of staying stuck on one question for hours, I make sure I move at a good pace. When my attention drops, it means I have to change what I’m doing. With a new tasks comes a renewed interest and I can make progress at something else.

I was aware of those strategies before, but fear was holding me back. I would overly obsess over what I didn’t understand instead of letting diffused learning do the job for while doing something else. I was anxiety studying a lot before. It’s now a priority to reduce more stress, and improve my efficiency. As I’m continuing to audioread my book on stress management little bit at a time, I finally am ready to take the risk of following the advice given. It’s not a risk at all since it benefits me, but it’s my stress response that is uncomfortable with changing the path in which I deal with difficult situations. What’s new triggers sentiments of helplessness at first, and a part of me is freaking out each time I let go. Since I no longer exhaust myself, and bully myself into doing homework, actually progress is being made.

While keeping a realistic dose of optimism, I will also take in account that hurddles will be along the way. Though, I know now that I’m a little less alone in my struggles.

Gratitude Journal :

I’m grateful for the delicious lunch my study buddy prepared today.



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Daily diary of a student entering university at forty. Just writing for me. Kaizenka, ex-nomade, foodie, and health nerd.