A nice long chat with my chemistry superstar!

Today, I had an appointment with my chemistry teacher to review last semester’s lab reports, and exams. He happened to be free after our appointment, and for 90 minutes, he graciously offered to discuss various subjects related to my future studies, and chemistry. That was a wonderful gift from life that I savored for every second. The nerd in me was in a state of bliss.

Regardless of the few bumps I encountered with the notions, I’m very satisfied of my work. He also acknowledged that I was above the class average in everything I did which is reassuring. Also, I would feel terrible if I would only understand about 60% of the material. I wouldn’t trust myself handling delicate research if it was the case. Luckily, my tenacity paid off, and will even pay more as I keep moving forward into organic chemistry for my bachelor in microbiology. He’s the one teaching it as well so I’m looking forward to be a part of his students as soon as my schedule allows. His classes are great!

Chitchatting of his specialty, organic chemistry, he revealed further where his interest in research lies: the mathematical constructs behind the recreation of organic molecules. It’s super fun, and incomprehensible, but awesome. He also worked for a while in the pharmaceutical industry, but disliked the lack of interest for understanding the research done. The managers in charge only cared about pushing results as soon as possible for profit. It wasn’t what he wanted to do, and turned to teaching so he could spend more time analyzing phenomenon of interest to him.

I was very curious of his work, and his career path, and all my questions where answered before I event asked. This time spent in the presence of an accomplished intellectual was highly gratifying. Of course the little sapiophile in me was seeing stars, but I’v learned from my recent audio readings not to get fooled by such feelings. They only echo immature fantasies. It’s not like I was aroused, it was more a fond admiration. A very intellectual warm fuzzy feeling. Plus, students don’t date their university teachers no matter the students age. That’s a big no no in my books, and my contemplation is purely intellectual.

Better recognizing my patners is part of emotional maturation, as well as not to fall at pray of infatuation. I’m not trying to suppress romantic feelings her, there’s no inner struggle. I’m capable now to distinguish my appreciation for my teacher for what it is without altering it into unhealthy feelings. Most importantly, it was replenishing to connect with someone today, along with being encouraged to pursue my dream.

One more thing quick, quick. I succeeded at most of the questions in my online homework in algebra. It’s starting to come together. Yeah! Tomorrow studies are dedicated to chemistry, my adored subject.

And one more, only about 20 minutes of weird sensations in the morning, and absolutely no impairment. It’s so amazing to have energy in the morning. I still get a drop in the afternoon, but I can better adapt to my ideal schedule.

Gratitude Journal:

I’m grateful for all the researchers around the world that help us understand the world, and life.



Daily diary of a student entering university at forty. Just writing for me. Kaizenka, ex-nomade, foodie, and health nerd.

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Judith's Squirrels

Daily diary of a student entering university at forty. Just writing for me. Kaizenka, ex-nomade, foodie, and health nerd.