Almost back to my study routine.


I woke up more energized today, and tackled a fair bit of studying. It’s surprising how mild disregulation can disable my brain from computing. Knowing this alows me to do the right thing; recover first, than get back to my books twice as hard.

This weekend, St needs some much needed rest. We’ve planned for him to sleep-in, relax, and let go. On my side, I’ll study hard to catch up for my the days I couldn’t earlier this week. So far, the new chapter in physics is manageable. I won’t speak too quickly though, there’s always curve balls.

I’m enjoying my new life. Coexisting is a blessing. Domestic bliss — complete regulation. With that stability, and emotional support, I’m closer to my study dreams.

Gratitude Journal:

I’m grateful for uncontrollable laughter with St.



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