An unexpected evening mini-cours

I’ve decided to bring the blender I’ve brutalized and broke in the Fall last year to a repair initiative of my university. I’m actually still waiting to see what will be the final result. What’s interesting is that the volunteer electrical engineer explained to me what was the problem, and what’s the basic functioning of a blender. I may kot have understood all of the explanation though it’s neat they take the time to teach the people coming in for repairs.

I’ve managed to accomplish a fair amount today, and I feel that I’ll be able to reach my study targets before my first exam on Monday. At a steady pace, the study beast will be tamed.

The one thing I’m less satisfied about is my life long tendency to wake up for about 3 hours at a time in the middle of the night. I’ve read a fair bit on the subject, and some speculate that it may be a natural sleep cycle. Old books referred it as the second night where people would wake up, perform light activities then go back to sleep. I’ve tried the approach of doing few things till sleep caught up with me in the past, when my schedule was looser, without success. I just end up with a very dismantled schedule, and not much more energy.

I’ve audio read the book “Sleep better” by Shawn Stevenson which gives great advice on how to improve sleep quality; now it’s time to implement it. I chose to start with my meal times and constitution. Yesterday, I comforted myself with some ramen when I got home around 8 pm. This late high complex carb consumption must have triggered my burst of energy in the middle of the night. So, my strategy for the coming days is to consume my crabs in the morning and at lunch, and end the day on protein with a hint of simple carbs for some serotonin comforting before bed.

I do practice breathing techniques when insomnia hits, it did help staying calm, but I’m thinking that if I do mote physical activity, I may be able gather enough fatigue to sleep through the night. Also, exercise is the best way to complete the stress cycle as explained in the book “Burnout" by the Nagoski sisters. Having found my study pace, I will attempt to incorporate a bit of exercise in the weeks to come. The problem is that the gym of the university is incredibly expensive. I’ll have to shop for deals because my poorly sound proofed appartment will have my neighbors raging if I start bouncing around.

Food is the easiest thing to adjust at the moment, than physical fitness. On mental health, I didn’t mention that I had a first session with my new counselor yesterday. It was decent, though I’ll see if we are truly compatible as we progress. Next week will give me a better idea of how things are on that front. My medication is helping a lot, and the momentum I seemed to have generated in my learning do help managing my stress.

Tonight, I just hope I can go to bed at a decent time since tomorrow I have a 9 am class before goin for a routine blood work to make sure all is in good standing. I’m still waiting for my blender to be returned to me before catching the next bus home. Another day has passed, another challenge was surpassed.

Gratitude Journal:

I’m grateful for handy people.

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