Assess and adjust

After a full day of research on various aspects of my 3 suspects for chronic fatigue, I’ve decided to go back on a low carb diet to see how it would help my liver functions especially when it comes to converting T4 thyroid hormone to T3. I’m using information that is still debated for this choice, though my personal experience has shown me that I don’t experience as much gallbladder discomfort when eating more fat as it promotes regular bile production. Also, other factors indicate that carbohydrates are what stimulates the production of cholesterol that may be converted to gallstones. I was doing better on low carb diets before and I will follow my instinct to test this and see if my overall energy levels and health will improve.

I have a family history of gallbladder issues on my mother’s side and IBSD on my father’s side. Fun times… From sensitivity to irritating foods to malabsorption, a myriad of minor elements have plagued me for decades. I’m usually within the “normal” range when testing and often don’t get much answers from doctors and specialists. But those inconvenient issues have been experienced by my parents and other family members so I know it’s not the fruit of my imagination and some symptoms are measurable by healthcare professionals. So I got used to getting the beginning of an answer with a doctor and doing the rest of the research on my own, asking family members and reading online.I’ve been fairly successful when you think of it. My older half-sister and brother both had multiple surgeries for similar issues and are both on constant medication. My father has had medication for his sensitivities for about 2 decades now and my mom hasn’t had major issues since retirement as her liver sensitivity was stress related. Also, estrogen increases the amount of cholesterol in the bile. After menopause, incidents of gallstone tend to diminish unless hormone replacement therapy is prescribed, which in this case can further exacerbate the problem.

Stress is a major factor in my minor element, though compounded irritants with strong emotions and poor sleep can lead me to a pretty bad state. I’m grateful my perpetual interest in health made me prioritize my well being and focus my energy on finding tangible solutions for my body’s needs. Eating habits have always been my number one recourse before reaching for any medication or supplementation. It has paid off when compared with my siblings’ situation. I don’t believe anything can be perfect including health, but I do believe that we can manage our conditions by being thorough and persistent.

I’m not going for a strict Keto diet but rather what is called a liberal low carb diet. My intake of carbohydrates will be between 50g and 100g while I maintain a protein intake of 100g daily. My fat consumption will increase to 133g a day and will focus on getting more fat from low omega-6 plant based oils. Luckily, I have no problems with nut and seed oils but cannot have the actual nuts and seeds as is. I’m looking to diversify my omega 3 intake between animal and vegetal sources since ocean depression and heavy metals in fishes are a concern. I was recently reminded that pork is a good source of omega 3, as long as it’s from an ethical source, I’m happy to return to this controversial meat. Also, I will keep an eye on saturated fats since they can impair the production of dopamine, may contribute to depression and are associated with inflammation and heart disease. I will continue having a good intake of omega 9 from avocados and it’s oil as well as monounsaturated fats.

Our physiology is incredibly complex and still in the process of being discovered by science. For now, just like doctors, we have to undergo a trial and error process to narrow down the best solutions within our reach. So far, carb controlled diets have done wonders for me and I will once more return to what has been successful for me.


Morning meditation and stretches have been completed this week.

Tons of studying and re-evaluating.

Sleep pattern and night routine off the window but will be attended to.

School goals moving along well.



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