Brilliant sun and gorgeous soul

I had the pleasure of going on a walk and eating outdoors with a good friend from Montreal. She received her COVID vaccine a few weeks back and had to tend to family matters here. I led her through my river walk routine that we completed with a delicious Chinese rice noodle under the sun—a perfect start to my day. Though I feel a little lonely this evening, such good company leaves noticed.

On a more positive, I will see her in about a month again as I will be staying at her place with her family while quarantining and waiting for my furniture to arrive at my new place. I can’t wait to hug people goodnight and wake up to the joyful sounds of kids having breakfast. I consider them my second family—a multi-racial, multi-lingual, sciency, and artsy bunch with whom I Have so much in common. I can’t wait to share my days with them, cooking, making art, playing games and relaxing with Thai massage exchanges. Yes, a dream host family.

My friend was very happy about my recent life changes and how everything fell into place. She’s eager to hear about my study stories as she studied to be a chemistry lab technician. She later reoriented in marketing and international commerce, but her love of science is still vibrant. She told me how many people around her had been diagnosed with various auto-immune and digestive issues; she confirmed that I’m going in the right field, and that’s where I can have the most positive impact on the world. Every day reconfirms my choice a bit more. It feels good to have the wind of faith under my wings.

I can’t remember the last time serendipity rolled in my favour so strongly; I think my first trip and time living out of the family home was the last time everything lined up and fell into place effortlessly. At eighteen, I moved into my first shared apartment with other women roommates in 1999. I was in a new city, a new province, speaking a new language (I was still learning English at that point) and met my first fiance there. It was a definite alignment of destiny; I wish I would have had the life experience to realize how precious this gift from life was. Also, how much of a keeper my first fiance was. I learned… the hard way.

Recognizing the signs destiny is sending me, I won’t foolishly take for granted this second chance at a happy existence. I will listen, I will observe and stay centred on my inner intuition. As my friend and I discuss the increased support for disadvantaged individuals in the province I’m moving back into, it is becoming increasingly clear that I may be spending the rest of my days there. Also, both my families live there, those I’m related to, and those who have adopted me. Everyone is excited about my return, and so am I. I may be a bit tick off at the political and economic climate and the slow healthcare system there, but I will be much better off and happier in the long run. To add to the benefits of going back, I will be in a much more hospitable region for tiny houses. Yet another dream coming within reach.

Gratitude journal:

I’m grateful for the soft tickly Spring grass under my bare feet.

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