It was needed. I had to let go of the accumulated stress of my chemistry lab, and spent a creative foodie day. An afternoon nap was also part of my recovery tactics. The one thing missing for proper recovery would have been a hug. Eventually, I’ll get my full of comforting healing contacts, but for now, a cheese fondue Sunday brunch satisfies my heart.

My chemistry teammate loved the report I wrote for us. She helped with the maths, and I did the writing. We complete eachother well this way. We both adore this class even if it’s hard. She’s going in the environment science, and just like me, she loves spending time in the laboratory. We are going to be some kick-ass scientists in a few years.

To relax further, I started relisting to the audio version of, “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” again. Little hearted humour that has nothing to do with romance is refreshing. I will be downloading more funny audiobooks in the future to keep me company on my days of rest.

I haven’t own a television since 2003, and don’t intend to have one ever again. Of course, I use my laptop to watch movies, but I also cancelled my Netflix account a year and a half ago. The only things I watch are ether on other people’s screens, at the movie theater, or the tired over watched movies I own. I complained for years that I didn’t read enough, thanks to audiobooks, I remediated to that problem.

Nothing more exciting is under this girl’s sun. I’m preparing for the upcoming 4 weeks of classes left before the finals; wow this semester flew by. I can also look forward to spending time with my loved ones once more on the Holidays. All is unfolding smoothly at a nice pace. A little recap on my brunch, a Swiss cheese fondue drizzled arugula salad is absolutely decadent. This is my new fancy meal item for my future guests.

Gratitude Journal:

I’m grateful for the multiple uses of bamboo stakes.

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