Friday movie night!

After a day of researching online for various solutions for our home, our Iceland trip, and my math quizz, I joyfully welcomed my honey back home. It was a very fun welcome home. Than, I made a velveted Asian beef stir-fry that we devoured in front of a really fun movie. I love Friday’s!

My math studies where a bit more challenging than expected, but it allowed me to start my global review before the final exam. I’m not sure how much studying I’ll be able to put in over the weekend, but I’ll do my best. Lots is going on. Once more, we need to clear the loset for building renovations, plus clear a wall for other repairs. It so happens the wall we need to liberate is the one near which all the closet items that couldn’t fit in the closet were still laying. This has us assembling the bed frame sooner than expected, which means a trip to the hardware store. Big reorganisation ahead, and very little time as this needs to be completed by Monday.

With our upcoming trip in nine days from now, it’s a bit nerve wreaking. Staying calm, and healthy is the key. Talking about health I did a few exercises in the morning, I was proud of that. A little at a time will lead to a lot in the long run. As lomg as I take little steps towardsy goals, I’ll eventually reach a destination. It’s never certain where we land, but if we act, we get results.

Gratitude Journal:

I’m grateful for the serenity St brings me.



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Judith's Squirrels

Daily diary of a student entering university at forty. Just writing for me. Kaizenka, ex-nomade, foodie, and health nerd.