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2 min readAug 21, 2021

Today was not as light and happy as expected. The usual messiness of new situation was expected, but an incomprehensible event left us shaken to our core.

My friend needs a service dog since she has a server back injury that has made her disabled. She needs her expertly trained pooch to go up stairs and steep hills, she will help her balance when she walks and provides her much needed emotional support. I’ve witness that dog execute to perfection her tasks and even foresee what will be demanded of her.

The day before our departure, this essential canin hit her head on a fence to the point of loosing hair at the impact point. We were worried and her owner was hesitant to bring her on the trip since she was definitely shaken by this hard hit. Though, the next day, she seemed well enough and we opted to cary on with our plans.

As we went on an evening walk to watch the sunset, we passed across a family with a small adorable white puff ball. All the dogs were on leashes and all was going well since none of the dogs barked our missed behaved. But at the last minute, the service dog swiftly turned and attempted to bite the arm of the woman carrying the small fluffy pooch. At first, we thought the highly trained dog jumped to see the little one, but we quickly realized she tried to bite the stranger. We were in a state of shock.

This four years in service dog never, bite anyone and she particularly love women and children. None of us could understand what happened. We profusely apologized and made sure all was well with the scared woman and reassured other campers that we would take special measures on the days to come. Still, in a fraction of second, my friend lost her best friend. The one creature her life depends on and the being she trusts the most.

Up to now, we still cannot comprehend what happened with the behaviour of the service dog. I’m still tearing up at the thought of this. I wish this poor family could know how extraordinary this service dog is, and how incredibly out of character this event was.

We are all crying tonight. Will this essential canin recover and be able to perform her duties? Will my friend be able to function if the dog can’t recover? Could a fraction of a second destroy two lives, the handicapped and the helpers? My heart is heavy and I pray to the higher powers that the service dog will get better soon.

Gratitude Journal:

I grateful for kind strangers.



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