Precious time

Okay, I’m trying this one more time. I will only blog, no lingering reading articles, than go to bed with St. It was a good day. It was a bit of a slow start, but I managed to catch up, and completed a physics quizz after seeing my chiro. I should be able to get close to completing all my studies for the semester by next week. I’m glad I won’t be stressed during my trip to Iceland.

Managing my stress has been the top priority this semester, and it has paid off. I’m calm, I go through my workload much faster, and I’m getting better results. It feels good to have a sense of what to expect, and what to do. I was so totally lost this Summer when I startedy physics courses. The written content is still some what detached from the exercises, but I’m now understanding the teaching structure. They give condensed versions of the explanations without going through the whole history of the theorems. In other words, I’m expected to have a feel of the concept, and a mastery of pre-made mathematical tools. It’s kinda lame, but it’s an introduction to physics, not an actual physics class. Same for math, it’s an introduction to derivatives, integrals, and linear algebra, but not the explanations on how mathematians came to discover these calculation tools. Since it is highschool material, I guess they just give you a little taste to see if it’s for you. Also, highschool delivers a lot of pre-chewed content just to fit a curriculum. Having the students really understand what they do isn’t the priority.

It’s sad. I wish people would take the time to understand. We shouldn’t rush to an imaginary finish line which leads to more questions, and confusion once we reach adulthood. In today’s world, we can’t afford not understanding the science that lead our lives. Blind decisions of uneducated people has destroyed the planet with technology that no one could handle properly. The world we live in is infinitely complexe. Going through school in a haste only cultivate instant gratification, and the inability to critically think. Trying to squeeze an ever growing body of knowledge in a short time frame is a recipe for failure.

I’m glad I can go at my own pace. I wish more people understood that. This rat race his making most of my schoolfriend sick. They can’t enjoy the process at all. Yet, they insist on seeking validation from a system that doesn’t care about them. This toxic competitive mindset that feeds a blind race to a cliff of burnouts. Alas, like lemmings they run to their fall. I’m happy I preserved my integrity being twice slower, but sane.

Gratitude Journal:

I’m grateful for St’s company.



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