Preparing for the real start

Tomorrow is the first business day of 2021 and I spent my entire day getting ready for the sprint of undertakings that awaits. My apprehensions blend with my excitement at the prospect of my future endeavours. I’ve settled on the specifics of my study path and I will be attempting to go back to school full time by the Fall. Not having been in the regular educational system for 20 years, I’m concerned with my ability to get back into that mode. Microbiology fascinates me though the amount of work I will have to put in is massive. My toes are quivering on the starting line and I know I will be charging full force no matter what. The way our world has radically and permanently transformed in the past year motivates me to take that opportunity to rewrite my script and engage in a journey of performance not only for my health but in achieving the career of my dreams.

It took me up to now to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. When I was younger, I envisioned either becoming a plastic art artist or a veterinarian. My grades did not meet the target to enter a science program and my parents didn’t approve of me going to art school, so I ended up doing whatever seemed relatively interesting. Bouncing from one job to the next, I learned a lot but was never satisfied and would move on to the next thing fairly quickly. After 25 years of random activities, I’ve learned a lot about myself and the work market — enough to make a conscious commitment to one field. I will continue to cultivate my other passions but, for once, I feel confident and happy to lock myself down in a multiple-year training path.

The pandemic is an unprecedented opportunity to reinvent ourselves and the world we live in. With the end of the petroleum era in sight, and with a massive generational shift in the workplace, now more than ever it is critical to position myself for the long run. As I was talking to a friend there’s an interesting duality in the multiplicity of opportunities available to us but unlike before, it might be harder to switch lanes in case I don’t like what I chose. We can choose a panoply of study fields but the work market is constricting, making it harder to access a good position or any position at all in some sectors. Acquiring skills that are in demand now matters most than ever as unskilled workers will be substituted by technology. From robotics to AI, we have to outperform our creations at the very least. It’s thrilling to know more engaging and fun jobs await, but we will also need to stay on top of our respective games against increased competition.

I refuse to become obsolete and thus choose to mutate into a brand new profession. One that has appealed to me for years and that I know that at this point, I have nothing to lose. With the rise of political and financial instability during this time of deep change, my backpacking nomadic ways don’t feel safe to me anymore. It’s awkward and surreal to see myself write those words when just a year ago I was convinced nomadism was my natural state. It is definitely a lifestyle I adore but within a reasonable amount of risk. The unfortunate increase in criminality in many parts of the world has me taking refuge in the safety of my homeland of Canada. My voyage will for the upcoming 5 years be taking place in the world of science. Hopefully, my future competences will allow safe travel opportunities when the time comes.

Undeniably, my entire being aligns with my choice and I have no fear of missing out on anything. 2019 brought me an incredible amount of travelling and unique experiences, those memories will keep the adventurer in me satisfied for a while. For now, I’m eager to discover a new paradigm in sedentary freedom.

Jan 3rd, 2021 recap:

Meditation at 7:30 am — no stretching.

New macros are still working great.

No napping.

Food diary entries were on time.

Eating on time.

Blogging happened before 10:30 pm.

Bedtime was achieved around 11 pm.

My evening goals were met but not my morning ones.



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Daily diary of a student entering university at forty. Just writing for me. Kaizenka, ex-nomade, foodie, and health nerd.