Pushing through the fog

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2 min readSep 13, 2022

I woke up with brain fog, but that wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying face-to-face tutoring with my favourite tutor. He was please to see me in person, and we covered so much material in ninety minutes that it will be worth to do the trip back, and forth in one day in the weeks to come.

Since I won’t be paying lesser rent next month, a forthy dollars round trip fee is very much within my reach. There’s so many ride shares to my university that I can go there pretty much when ever I want. Plus, I get to go home to my beloved at night. I’m so used to long suburb commute with local transit that an express bus between cities is the same time investment.

My chemistry lab partner reached out to hang out, so after attending the math aide center, we studied together a bit before eating out at the ramen restaurant she wanted to go to with me. It was great to catchup, and hang out. She loves her program in environment, it’s so suited for her. I happy that she persevered, and made it. She will excel in her field.

The more I review material with my tutor who’s a teacher, the more he makes me realize how much I’ve learned in one year. He’s very impressed with my progress. It helps me regain enthousiasme, and motivation. I’ve been self-critical, and it was causing me to procrastinate, and stress out. I can breath, and enjoy my learning again.

I kiss St, but I function well. We communicate through the day, and chat at night which helps. It feels good to conclude my stay in my place this way. I’ll return to my new home tomorrow before the weekend to get a covid booster. Then, the final move will take place. For now, study study study.

Gratitude Journal:

I’m grateful for my chemistry buddy’s friendship.



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