Solitude on a Winter night


My beloved is attending a condo meeting, and I’m having dinner alone. We feel it. Evenings together, even if we’re completely lethargic, is the best part of our days. I can’t wait for my handsome cuddly loving boyfriend to come home. He’s the best.

My soup is cooling down as I blog. I’ve studied decently today, and will indulge in some Ozzy Man videos on YouTube to sheer me up. This extra time to myself allowed for a bit more studying at least. As the end of the semester is approaching quickly, I’m pushing through the dull details to finish before my next assignment deadlines. My trip ends up in the revision week before exams which is perfect. Having worked hard all semester, final studying will be light.

Gratitude Journal:

I’m grateful for the cold cool temperature of the condo tonight.



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