Yesterday, I talked about courage and how I perceive it as showing up when we are faced with fear. Today, I’m adding an element: pain. I think humans fear pain, particularly emotional pain more than anything else in this world. We go leaps and bounds to avoid it, numb it, suppress it, ignore it and so many other ways we simply refuse to confront the agony. Hurt triggers every survival button in our beings ultimately leaving us in the unbearable presence of despair. When it comes to psychological anguish, courage is to stand in it not trying to fix it and process it till we eventually manage to function again.

I may be fearless at facing difficult interpersonal interactions, but when it comes to emotional pain, I only recently learned how to stay present to it and let it take its course without interference. It sucks, big time! It’s so much easier for me to go on a crusade and battle my way through obstacles. The monumental act of self-observation and patience when bleeding sadness is excruciating though necessary as we need to let the flow of negativity drain itself before we can truly heal. Courage doesn’t mean never complaining about difficult circumstances, it simply implies that we stick with the process till the end of the tunnel appears.

I’m grateful for my recent blogging habit to allow me to introspect and express my inner life, this therapeutic outlet will tremendously help in the months to come will deliver their fair share of obstacles. I’m glad this new form of online support has made its way to my curiosity, allowing me to exercise my emotional homework tools in a stimulating context. Emotional intelligence becoming a mainstream skill now and days is a miracle for humanity. Hopefully, we will make the best out of the extraordinary advancements this field has made in the past decade. May peaceful awareness, pleasant or challenging, radiate around us but more importantly within us.

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