The great reconnection

After 6 years of no real communication, this morning I reconnected with my half-sister by video. This is a great Holiday gift. To see we both seem to have grown in wisdom and experiences, a lot of catching up is to happen in the months to come.

She’s also going to send me information, and even a reference to help me in my studies. She’s a university teacher, and know the ins and outs of grants, various financing programs, and how to get in the classes I want most. She’s thrilled that I’m studying microbiology, and that I want to specialize in the female microbiome. Last year, she had a life threatening episode of Crohn’s disease that has forever altered her health. Since the vaginal microbiome balance is closely related to the inner lining of the intestine biome, she can count on me to share as much information to help her as I can.

Also, she’s a health nerd just like me. We’ve always adored sharing our yoga stories, diet tips, and personal growth advice. It seems that we will help one another even more than ever before about the things that matters the most in our lives.

This was the right time to reconnect. We’re both focused on our goals, and we’re both doing everything we can to get better. The reason for my studies at the base is my own health, a motivation she thinks is the catalyst of my future success. The new team we have seemed to form will bring great outcomes. We both equally want to find solutions to this major problem of the human microbiome disregulation. Even if her teaching, and research field is administration, she still constantly explore solutions for her health. Now, she can count on my absolute passion for the microbiome to find answers.

Everytime I share my love for my studies, I get more and more encouragements. The importance of microbiology in our health is now becoming generalized knowledge. This new awareness makes more and more people support the future research I will take a part of. Everytime I see a glance of hope in the eyes of my interlocutor when I share what I’m doing, my inner fire grows stronger.

Gratitude Journal:

I’m grateful for the relaxing time I’m spending with my mother.



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Daily diary of a student entering university at forty. Just writing for me. Kaizenka, ex-nomade, foodie, and health nerd.