The unexpected miracle

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2 min readNov 10, 2021

I am safe! I will not loose my student financing even if the procedures take more time. My program directress has offered to mark the courses as “abandoned” even if the procedures at the student loans and grants office exceed November 15th deadline. I did all I could, she gets it, and she’s behind me. This. is. amazing!

Plus, the person I found to help me at the student grants and loans office is pushing my case on top of the pill as she recommunicated with me today.

More so, my doctor was super supportive, and understanding. I didn’t get charged for the forms she filled up for me, most doctors would, and they are willing to help if changes need to be brought.

After months of stress, uncertainty, and waiting I finally can feel safe. I will not fall back into precarious finances; I won’t be forced to hustle under the table; I won’t have to rely on family’s help to survive. Peace of mind is an understatement.

Months ago, when I found out I could be a professional student for the rest of my life, I cried of joy. I wouldn’t need to work jobs I hate, nor collapse under student loans. I could live a life I love in full security. Coming closer to this dream feels surreal, though it’s becoming more concrete by the day.

Soon. Very soon, I will enjoy stable financial support for the first time in twenty years. Soon, I will focus on my talent wholeheartedly with no fear. Soon, I will be free to be — just, and entirely — me.

Gratitude Journal:

I’m grateful for the help my program directress willingly offered me today.



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