Today is an opportunity to begin again

Said a fortune cookie 8 months ago.

Hello and welcome to my first time blog. My name is Judith and I intend to document for the next 2 years my journey through health and overall performance as I reach 40 on Dec 7th, 2020.

In August, my good Singapore friend Wei and I talked about how we often see before and after stories, but the journey is rarely fully documented. From my complaining that I had slacked off on my nutrition habits and exercise, I seized the opportunity to document my journey in achieving my desired health result, reaching my forties. A 2 months health slip was intentionally extended to 6 months so that I could have a little more material to work on.

From a few extra pounds to lesser cardio and flexibility, I used the 6 months preparation phase to reconnect with carbs and see what my body could process or not due to my sensitivities. I had been on carb-conscious nutritional habits for over a decade and was fully involved in the keto lifestyle since 2018. I also focused on improving my overall posture to have an injury-free start since my skeletomuscular frame had softened, allowing easier adjustments from my chiropractor. Not counting macros and not regularly exercising, I leveraged my extra free time to develop better stress management strategies to optimize this brand new start.

I’m about to embark on a 2 years journey that will allow me to put many of my theories to the test, and I’m the enthusiastic guineapig. Not only will I confirm what I have learned so far, but I also look forward to learning more and grow. I aspire to help those with health dreams to reach their goals with the confidence that there are many methods and solutions for you regardless of your body type, sensitivities, limitations, injuries, lifestyle, busy schedule or age.

Foodie mad-science, health nerd, Kaizenka and heartfelt introspection. My sense of humour tells me I must have been a dad in a past life.