“Untamed” bedazzled

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2 min readApr 14, 2021

I know this book came out over a year ago and that I’m a little late on the frenzy it created, but OMG, this is groundbreaking writing. I’m speechless and totally crushing on Glennon’s romance and family life. I may have stalked her and her wife’s Twitter for an hour with stary eyes. I bought the hardcover book this afternoon and will be rereading it in the days to come highlighting my favourite lines, which will be many.

I’m drunk on the truth Glennon exerts in her work — Taboos cannot survive under her pen. Her fierce authenticity is so loud that my every cell resonates with her words. Somehow, this genius writer is able to take the pulse of humanity’s emotions without skipping a beat. Also, who gave her the key to decoding my soul? I didn’t know someone I never met could describe me so perfectly that she would create a lexicon for my inner feelings.

It’s crazy that it was the first book I wanted to read when I started listening to the “Unlocking us” podcast of Brene Brown but waited till now to read it. Though I’m so grateful I shared the episodes on “Untamed” with the people around me including my ex. It was so appropriate for the circumstances and I hope my loved ones will read this powerhouse of wisdom. What a masterpiece for women’s freedom.

The integration of this enlightenment and the metamorphosis it has triggered within me will slowly emerge in my writing. I am summoned to do hard things and I’m figuring my way to them.

“The braver I am, the luckier I get.” — Glennon Doyle, Untamed

I still have so much to reveal and express, I hope I find the courage and the intelligence to share my stories wisely. I’ve barely acted on supporting the causes that are dear to my heart and I need more integrity in my revenue streams. How will I balance all the facets of my life while striving to become more authentic?

Believing in myself and putting myself through school is my number one goal and dream. I want the scientific competence to research the feminine microbiome in detail so I can help women to find balance in the complexity of our anatomy and endocrine systems. For the first time, I’m laser-sharp clear on what I want to accomplish with my life, now it’s time to get my shit together and make it happen.



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